Terms and Conditions

SECTION 1 – Outline

By accepting these terms and conditions, you are entering a legally binding contract with VFR Simulations, hence referred to as VFRsim. VFRsim offers primarily digital, intangible products, supplied via direct download from our website. When purchasing, or otherwise downloading any product from our website, you are agreeing to these terms.

Any purchaser, hereby referred to as the customer, shall provide accurate and current information on all registration forms, regarding the purchase or download of a product or service. The customer shall not impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent any affiliation with a person or entity.

VFRsim distributes to the customer, digital goods which may contain proprietary and confidential information that is protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws. Except as expressly authorized by VFRsim, the customer shall not modify, sell, or re-distribute the software, without express written permission.

All products and goods provided by VFRsim are the exclusive property of VFRsim.

VFRsim may change these terms from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from the time of writing, and any amendments will be recorded by the date at the end of the document.

SECTION 2 – Trademarks

Our name and associated logos are trademarked. This includes, but is not limited to our operating business name VFR Simulations, VFRsim. These logos and trademarks identify our products and services.

You may make fair use of our trademarks in advertising and promotional materials, and in referring to our products and services (for example, in a magazine article) without our permission, provided you follow standard trademark usage practices and provide proper attribution. Other uses require our written permission.

You may never use our trademarks to endorse a 3rd party product, service, or use similar promotional material for a 3rd party. You may never use our trademarks to discourage potential consumers from using VFRsim, or to disparage VFRsim.

SECTION 3 – Purchasing

When purchasing a product or service provided by VFRsim, the customer assumes full responsibility for making the purchase. Also, the customer understands that sales are final at the time of payment. We have a zero-return policy. Orders are subject to cancellation until the time of payment, or when payment is received by VFRsim. Estimated date of delivery of the product or service to the customer is not guaranteed. VFRsim will make every effort to meet the expected delivery dates.

VFRsim is not responsible for damages of any kind, due to a delay in shipment or delivery. Furthermore, VFRsim is not responsible for any damages that claim to be associated with the products or services we provide. Including, but not limited to hardware failure, and software problems. VFRsim is not liable for any digital, physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional damages that take place while using our services.

SECTION 4 – Customs and Currency

The customer is responsible for all customs or duties fees that may be assessed on purchase. Currency calculator uses the current posted dollar exchange rate. Your credit card company may use a slightly different rate of exchange resulting in minor deviations of actual price plus/minus what is displayed. Questions regarding exchange and currency shall be discussed between the customer, and the customer’s respective financial institution, prior to making a purchase from VFRsim.

This document was amended on January 18th, 2016.  It is the Terms and Conditions of VFRsim, and is made available to all visitors of vfrsim.com. You may download the .pdf HERE.