Research and field work!

VFR Simulations continues exhaustive research for the Sim+170B project!

Data collection, plus more data collection!

This resources needed to accomplish our goals with this project, is astounding. This week I have been in frequent contact with multiple owners and pilots of 170’s, collecting their personal pilot reports, and experience. Not only that, but also digging into the little details of each of their aircraft.

One afternoon was spent, just carefully documenting and measuring little things like; space between rivets, interior pieces, nuts and bolts. All of the fine details! It’s not that we’re overly focused on the visuals, but we still want it to look outright GREAT.

More importantly, we want the aircraft to fly correctly. And not just close..  but spot on.  This is most critical, and the operation is even more greatly advanced, when we factor in things like a full engine conversion. Or heavy-duy airfoil modifications. This is intense research!

Data Collection Cessna 170B