Mission Statement

And overview of business

SECTION 1 – Outline
The purpose of this document, is to establish a working mission statement, including motive and objectives, and for affirming business structure. VFR Simulations, hence referred to as VFRsim, is established as a sole proprietorship, operated by Joseph Thompson. It’s principle business shall be done via a virtual work-flow, with internet based business structure, communications, and sales. The purpose of this proprietorship shall be to establish a working environment, which develops aviation related software, designed for the home-user’s academic use, as well as personal entertainment.

SECTION 2 – Vision
The vision of VFRsim is to in incorporate the latest, and most advanced means necessary, to provide the most authentic, accurate, and realistic simulation products, for use with several platforms of widely distributed flight simulation technology. The target audience, is those who most appreciate replicating real-world VFR procedures, within the simulation environment.

SECTION 3 – Management
The sole manager of VFRsim shall be Joseph Thompson. The manager may reserve the right to make executive decision in all matters of company practice. The manager may employ, or otherwise compensate any freelance artist, coder, technician, or author, toward the benefit of the business itself. This includes, but is not limited to; hiring a freelance individual under contract for individual project(s), and said contract shall be written satisfactorily regarding all compensation, payments, commissions, and other benefits.

SECTION 4 – Income, accounts and banking
The manager will handle and negotiate all matters of finance, and banking. Expenditures, and payments will be made by the manager. This includes, but is not limited to; advertising, web design and hosting, product placement, and the associated percentage of sales that store carriers will deduct from product sales. It will be the manager’s sole responsibility to determine profit margin, and losses. And to keep financial records, which shall be made available, by request of any commissioned freelancer. All income shall be accounted by the manager, who shall determine net income statistics, for any and all products and sales. These statistics are to be refereed to, when negotiating contracts with freelancers. All marketing concepts, and decisions shall be made by the manager, as well as expenditures. All overhead expense will be delivered by the manager.

SECTION 5 – Development Standards
VFRsim will maintain highest consistency of standards, within the flight simulation industry. Both in development quality, social professionalism, conduct, and customer support. The standards are set by the commercial flight simulator development industry, and shall be governed by the manager.

SECTION 6 – Jurisdiction
VFRsim is subject to the governing laws and regulations of Idaho, and the United States. Contractors or freelancers hired by VFRsim are responsible for abiding under their local jurisdiction.

This document was written on June 22, in the year of 2015. It is the mission statement of VFRsim, and should be shared with any potential individuals, who perform a service for VFRsim. You may download the .pdf HERE.