Kyle Fosso Cessna 170B

AS A DEVELOPER one of the most rewarding aspects of producing an aircraft add-on for Flight Simulator, is preserving the history of the subject aircraft being developed. However, We’re is going a step farther, striving to bridge the gap between flight simulation, and general aviation…

WORKING DIRECTLY with and for the owners and pilots, of the Cessna 170B, we’ve asked ourselves, how can developing an aircraft for Flight Simulator actually benefit the aviation community?  How can we use the simulated model, to a greater cause?  How could we further inspire, and promote this passion for aviation?


KYLE is a 20-year old #avgeek who resides in Anacortes, Washington. He started flying lessons in 2010, and was quickly hooked. He had big vision, big goals, and even bigger ideas. He wanted his A&P, and he wanted an all-around aircraft, that could pound the bush. Something that could teach him, get his hands dirty, and something that would eventually double as a high performance taildragger, allowing him to earn more
endorsements as well.


2771C was little more than a pile of parts, when Kyle purchased her in August of 2010, spending his 12K of summer-job savings! It was an airframe that had been stored for a coons-age, a 1954 Cessna 170B Seaplane that had crashed of-shore, in Ketchikan Alaska, in 1974. With an old wrecked plane, and little to zero aircraft mechanic experience, Kyle set-out on a journey to make his big ideas, an even bigger reality.

FAST FORWARD to fall of 2015, and in a recent phone interview Kyle states: “It’s turning out so much better than I ever imagined”. Looking at his progress on the old 170B, I’d have to agree! Fresh out of the paint shop, and sporting a Stoots Conversion Lycoming IO-360-M1A, Kyle’s 170B is full of goodies. His vision for the aircraft was; if Cessna still built the 170 today, what might it be like? We’re starting to get a glimpse of exactly
what it might be like, with 2771C.

IN 5 YEARS, how has a kid, with a passion for aviation, transformed a pile of wrecked parts, into a premier classic Cessna restoration, and backcountry beast? One word …


IS WHAT continues to fuel Kyle’s pursuit. Kyle’s already accomplished his flight training, barking at the heels of receiving is Private Pilot’s License, and has already earned his A&P, (which, is short is full credential as an aircraft maintenance technician, holding an airframe and powerplant certificate which is issued by the Federal Aviation Administration). All this at age 20.

IT’S THIS DRIVE that inspired us to get in contact with Kyle. He’s a model for the youth of our great country, to work toward their dreams. He’s put his blood, sweat, and tears into his ambition. Working as a off-shore fisherman in the summer, Kyle has literally worked for his 170, step-by-
step. And he hopes his example can fuel the fire of others, that his aircraft can serve as a tool to invigorate and inspire his generation of aviators. It’s a mission that he shares with VFR Simulations.

WORKING HAND IN HAND our resources are shared, as a real-life Cessna 170 completes restoration, it’s virtual counterpart also reaches full development…


KYLE’S N2771C will be fully, and faithfully represented in the VFRsim Cessna 170B package. We’re taking it
global, and we’re taking Kyle’s story global, as we incorporate every real-world feature of 2771C, into the 170+sim project!

SEVERAL GREAT parts manufacturers are also joining forces with VFRsim, so that we can accurately represent each upgrade and modification, so that every item will both look and perform realistically within the simulated model.

Some of these features include:

Lycoming IO-360-M1A, STC Sponsored by Stoots Aviation
Sportsman STOL by Stene Aviation
EDM-930 Primary Flight instrument by J.P. Instruments (JPI)
Shoulder Harness and Tail Pull Handles by Basinc-Aeromod (BAS)
Solar Grey Windshield by LP-Aero Plastics
Rear folding Jump Seats by F. Atlee Dodge

Kyle’s 170 is also equipped with C-180 gear, ’82 Cessna 172 doors, 175 Wings, a C-182 Skylight, Windshield V-Brace and will sport a custom designed interior, with classy upholstery, extended baggage compartment and external baggage door.

HE’S ON THE HUNT for the right propeller, and potentially a set of floats. He’s also interested in a pair of 26″ Alaskan Bushwheels and Baby Bush, to compliment the rest.

FOLLOW Kyle’s progress at the 2771C facebook page.